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Actor, family man and reigning King of the South, rapper T.I. recently stopped by Houston's 93.7 The Beat where he chatted it up with the station's Devi Dev and Mr. Rogers. In front of an intimate crowd of listeners, tip shared music from his fourth coming album Paperwork and candidly answered the questions that have been on everyone's mind! 

In Part one T.I explains why he chose Paperwork as the title of his upcoming 9th album. He also addresses this weeks leak of the heartfelt track "Stay" and who he thinks is behind it. When quizzed about the way he handles adversity, Tip shares his views on character and Manhood.

Part two reveals the soulful influences T.I. explores on Paperwork. Saying "Soul is something that never goes out if style," T.I. explains the new ways he wanted to present himself for his fans on this album. He also talks keyboard thugs and his trick for finding them in real life.

In Part 3, the King of the South gives his take on the new generation of artists coming out and their "Know-It-All" mentality. When asked about his single "No Mediocre", Tip explains what being a mediocre chick looks like to him.

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