Source: BOSSIP

1. Paul George

The rising superstar allegedly offered his preggo skripper side piece a cool milli to abort the child and she declined because why take $1 milli when you can be a professional baby mama/future reality star.


2. Dywane Wade

The 3-time NBA champion knocked up another woman while “on break” (or not) from side chick-turned-fiance Gabby Union who basically plays herself in the scandalous new hit show “Being Mary Jane.”


3. Arian Foster

The All-Pro Texans RB is currently caught up in a nasty side chick saga that boiled over when he was accused of bullying his bird-brained Becky into having an abortion (which she later blamed on her lawyers).


4. Adrian Peterson

AP may be unstoppable on Sundays but couldn’t outrun the rumors about his secret kids who seemed to fall from the sky daily until he claimed all 7 or 8 or 9 of his side chick seeds. Filthy. 


5. Tiger Woods

The fertile Golf legend seemed so squeaky-clean and safe before freaky flick star Joslyn James claimed he knocked her up TWICE during his infamous side chick binge.


6. Michael Jordan


The ‘ole dingy-eyed NBA GOD recently won the case against his alleged baby mama who claimed he fathered her 17-year-old son during his first infidelity-scarred marriage.


7. Kevin Garnett


He’s the highest career earner in NBA history ($328.5 million) who could never shake rumors that he knocked up former Timberwolves cheerleader/mistress Krissy Freiberg who (reportedly) followed him from Minnesota to Boston and attended every home game. Creepy. 


8. Tiki Barber


No one knew the former All-Pro RB was a Grade A dirtbag until he dumped his pregnant wife for pregnant side chick Traci Lynn Johnson and rode off into the sunset.


9. Jermichael Finley


Hell hath no fury like an attention-thirsty side chick with a Twitter account who put the condom-allergic Packers star on BLAST for stiff-arming his kids/fatherly responsibilities. 


10. Eric Snow


The former Sixers star had one of the healthiest marriages on reality TV that quickly crumbled when he reportedly dumped his wife DeShawn Snow for his pregnant side chick Marisela Alvarado.