A phony Queens doctor will do two real years in jail for a horribly botched butt lift operation. 

She pleaded guilty to charges of unlawfully practicing medicine and seriously injuring a patient in a plea that covered two separate incidents.

Coello was sentenced to two years in prison for a previous case and one to two years for the 2012 derriere disaster for a Brooklyn nightclub worker.

The Nov. 3, 2012, surgery cost the Brooklyn woman $2,300 and was done in Coello’s Queens home-office, with the phony physician injecting the woman with a clear gel, authorities said.

The resulting pain and leakage brought the woman back to Coello, who tried to solve the problem with a needleful of Krazy Glue and penicillin, officials said.

The patient wound up with a nasty infection and was hospitalized three times. Officials said she would likely face additional health woes for the rest of her life.