From MTO:

There is a a brewing SCANDAL in the Gospel community. An alleged sextape has been leaked - which purportedly shows popular gospel singer Kevin Terry giving some man TOP.

While it hasn't been CONFIRMED that it's Kevin on the tape, it sure looks like him. And his good friend Lil Mo went on Twiitter basically DRY SNITCHING his business.

Finally, yesterday Kevin went on Facebook and posted about the "trials and tribulations" that he is going through. He also quoted some bible verses about how his "personal life" wasn't anyone's business.

We can't say it surprises us that a GOSPEL ARTIST was gay. We kinda assume that 90 percent of them are gay, OFF THE TOP. But there are a lot of folks in the church with BLINDERS ON . . . so this story is really going to be a SHOCK TO THEM . . .