NY Daily News:

Kim Kardashian bowed out of a media interview at the Vienna Opera Ball on Thursday when a man in blackface acting like Kanye West made an unexpected overture, a source confirmed to the Daily News.
The reality star was getting a $500,000 paycheck to attend the fancy ball with Austrian businessman Richard Lugner, 81, and suspected her date had a role in the offensive stunt, the source said.

“It was a guy hired by the creepy old man,” the source close to Kardashian told the Daily News. “(Lugner) was also trying to get her alone and making crude comments.”
Later, another male approached Kardashian and rudely said he wanted to dance with her to “N—-rs in Vienna,” a reference to West’s song “Ni–as in Paris.”


In spite of the rudeness, Kardashian remained at the ball as long as she agreed to stay, the source said.
“She went along with her contractual obligation,” the source said. “She was a complete professional.”