From Dallas News:

Last year when everyone was getting a bit tired of waiting for new music from Beyoncé she dropped asurprise album that left many hyperventilating and throwing their money at iTunes. It sold well, especially because it wasn’t only an album, it was a visual album with cool videos for the songs. I waited for a week but since it never came to Spotify I bought into the marketing hysteria and gave Bey some of my money. I liked three songs.

Beyonce’s superstar husband Jay Z is featured in one of the songs, which sent superfans on a frenzied stupor as they wondered “what if the queen and king were to tour together?” The whole music world will tremble, many thought. Records will be broken, lines for the tour will circle the earth, because this is the consummation of true stardom.

We saw our first glimpse of what the couple could do with the new material when they performed Drunk in Love at the Grammys. Bey sat in a chair, did a lot of grinding and sang a lot of sexual metaphors which don’t affect her role model-for-young-women status and are totally OK because she’s singing about doing all that with her husband. Jay Z came out, sang his part, they danced a little and it was over. Taylor Swift LOVED it, y’all.

Then, in April, the heavens opened and down came a voice announcing what the world had been waiting for. Beyonce and Jay Z were doing a tour togetherTickets for the ‘On The Run’ tour went on sale May 2, with the first date scheduled for June 25. In our area, the AT&T Stadium, home of the Cowboys would be the ground to witness this miraculous event on July 22.

I expected the whole bey-hive (as Beyoncé fans call themselves; no, I’m not joking) would make the tour sell out in seconds. I was expecting to hear “Single Ladies” blaring from rooftops around the city all the way through July. But alas, that didn’t happen. And here we are, the so-called tour of the century starts in less than two weeks and it is having some problems.

It just takes a quick look at Ticketmaster to see that there are a LOT of tickets still for sale and official resale. Showbiz 411 is reporting that for the July 11 show at the Meadowlands there are more than 11,000 tickets in motion at StubHub. The site also suggests that all the headlines (especially that time when Solange went berserk on Jay while Bey simply chilled at the elevator) may be to juice poor sales.

But there’s something positive in all of this. If it has always been your dream to see the first couple of modern R&B, this may be your chance, because in order to fill those stadiums tickets may be sellingvery cheap. There are more than 6,000 tickets for the AT&T Stadium show on StubHub alone.

What do you think will happen? Will the tour go on if the stadiums are only half-full? Will Solange be brought back to use force and coerce people to buy tickets?