From CBS Sports:

One high profile agent says this of enhanced NFLPA agent rules enacted recently: "It's a shot across the bow of Jay-Z."

This is what the agent was was referring to. The union enacted an amendment to its rules tightening undergraduate and post-graduate degree requirements. The rule states they must come from an accredited college but there's no question that if you don't have one, this rule would prevent you from recruiting players.

Is this a Jay-Z rule? It's believed that while Jay-Z has a degree from the school of hard knocks he may not possess the academic credentials to pass union certification. The NFLPA requires only certified agents be involved in the recruiting of athletes thus the alleged Jay-Z rule.

The NFLPA also passed a rule that requires agents to disclose all liens.

Some agents say the rule was passed to close loopholes but other agents say it was aimed mostly at making sure there wasn't a feeling that Jay-Z could skirt the rules because he's, you know, one of the most famous people in the world (and married to one).

It's well known that Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz wants to be represented by Jay-Z. Yankees star Robinson Cano already is.

One agent believes this amedment will crush Jay-Z's attempt to sign NFL clients. But another said there are still ways around it. He gave this scenario.

Jay-Z has his agency. He recruits more baseball players. The business grows. He hires an army of certified agents. He remains publicly detached from his agency but inside he's extremely involved. He speaks to no recruits but every recruit understands they are joining Jay-Z's firm.

There's no question that while this rule may hurt Jay-Z, it's not a mortal wound. Not yet.