Via LA Late reports:

RHOA fans are asking who is Porsha Stewart’s boyfriend 2014 and if Porsha Stewart is dating Norris Cole of the Miami Heat. Reports have surfaced online claiming that Porsha Stewart aka Porsha Williams’ new boyfriend is Norris Cole of Miami Heat, and that Cole will film with Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. Last week, Porsha confused a Tiger and Lion in Kandi’s Wedding finale. No word if Porsha has figured out basketball yet.

Porsha Stewarts’ boyfriend 2014 was discussed by the RHOA member this week. And she shared a picture of her and boyfriend with his face blurred. Hilariously, Porsha, in sharing the picture of herself also blurred out her own face so you don’t know who she is either. That certainly makes a lot of sense. You can tell in the picture that the guy clearly has some form of a high top styled or similar haircut. The male is darker skinned that Porsha and the height of a basketball player.


Stewart says that she is in love and is happy. “I really haven’t said yet who I’m dating… there is someone special. I’m not ready to say yet. I’m not ready. I’ve been there before and I’ve put my relationship out there. If I’m signed again with Housewives, then of course I’ll share the situation, but til then, you’ll have to wait and see.” She wrote this week “Best feeling is when you look at him and he is already staring,” and “happy living a loving life”. Apparently the digital path is being kept clean so far. Cole is not following Porsha or the show’s executive producer on Twitter, LALATE can report. And RHOA’s Executive Producer is not following Cole either.