From MTO:

Beyonce unveiled her latest hairstyle on stage last night . . . and her new weave cost $145K. Yeas you read that right, ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

Why so much? Well we're told that most human hair is taken from women in Southeast Asia, or Brazil. While the hair is real, because the women are usually poor and often not in the best of health, the hair is often not as healthy as it could be. Additionally when you're looking to make a FULLER WEAVE, you have to mix two different hair bundles.

Well Queen Bey can't have just ANY OLE HAIR on that royal head of hers. Beyonce purchased her hair from a company in NORWAY. The hair came from two sisters, both natural blondes . . . and they ate healthy organic meals for the two years that it took to grow enough hair to make Bey's weave.

Wow . . . and we thought we were DOIN IT BIG with our virgin remy that we got from ebay.