From MTO:

This season of the Atlanta Housewives is gonna HEAT THE F*CK UP!! We already saw Kandi FIGHTING . . . now we just got wind that they are going to break an EXPLOSIVE piece of news on the show this season.

In two weeks, the show will INTRODUCE a new Housewife to the cast - Mynique Smith - wife to former Atlanta Falcons player Chuck Smith - while NeNe is on a trip in Miami. Throughout the season you'll see that Kenya will be been getting REAL CLOSE with Mynique - both on camera and off. And Mynique has NO CLUE what's about to happen to her.

According to a TOP MTO SNITCH, Kenya Moore has had RELATIONS with Mynique's husband Chuck!!

It's not clear if Chuck and Mynique were married when he "dated" Kenya . . . but we spoke to a EXTREEEEEMELY RELIABLE source that told us that Chuck and Kenya dated and that "Bravo producers would be playing that up" this season.