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Could Rihanna be pregnant? a new report makes the shocking claim that RiRi who is now in a committed relationship with drake is actually sporting a small bump visible in some brand new photos.

Is Rihanna, 26, going to be a mommy and could the daddy be Drake, or could it actually be Chris Brown? reported on April 6 that the singer, who is currently taking a break from touring, is pregnant and that photos taken in L.A. on April 4 show the first signs of her baby bump.

Rihanna: Is The Singer Pregnant?

Rihanna has been cuddled up with Drake since February but has she secretly been concealing a pregnancy since before they even publicly got together?

The MTO claims that proof of RiRi’s pregnancy can be found in her recent behavior when she goes out at night.

They claim that Rihanna reportedly no longer smokes weed or parties the way she used to. Additionally, they cite multiple occasions where RiRi has turned down alcohol. Their last bit of Rihanna pregnancy “proof” comes from a photo of her supposedly getting “decaffeinated” tea at Starbucks while on an outing with her father, Ronald Fenty, in L.A.

Rihanna: Could The Singer Be Carrying Drake Or Chris Brown’s Baby?

We guess that the biggest question, if the pregnancy claims are true is, whose baby is it? Rihanna was romantically involved with Chris until a big blow up and split in 2013. However, the two have continued to be in touch and to occasionally see each other since.

Multiple sources tell us that they have continued to profess their mutual love and respect for each other.

Nevertheless, Rihanna and Drake have now become a monogamous and committed couple after she flew to Paris in February to visit Drake on tour. The two even perform a song together. Since then the love affair has gotten hot and heavy quickly.

They have even talked about moving in together.

Are they getting extra committed and moving in together because they are expecting a little Drake.

We at don’t think so but only time will tell if any of these claims have any truth to them.


What do you think HollywoodLifers, do you believe any of these allegations, or do you think this is all just smoke and mirrors? Let us know.