From The NY Daily News:

When he’s not embarrassing himself at home, Justin Bieber is making an ass of himself abroad. The “Baby” singer insulted most of Asia this week by posting a selfie taken in front of Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine, where soldiers including war criminals from World War II are enshrined.


The Bieb’s most recent mishap came almost exactly a year after the history-challenged pop star insulted Holocaust victims by visiting the Anne Frank Museum, where he arrogantly wrote in a guestbook that he hoped Frank, who died in a Nazi concentration camp, would have been a fan of his.


Bieber removed his insulting Instagram post Wednesday and tweeted a half-witted apology to both the people of China, who suffered under Japanese occupation, and to Japan as well. “I love you China and I love you Japan,” he wrote, clumsily covering all the bases. All Bieber needs now is one more shameful trip back to Europe and he will have completed his Axis of Ignorance tour. Over the weekend, the White House said it would not comment on a petition to deport the Canadian born Bieber. That petition has gathered more than a quarter-million signatures in three months.