From MTO:

Yesterday Paula Patton and Robin Thicke announced what we predicted MONTHS AGO - that they were DIVORCING. So what happened, you ask . . . . ROBIN'S EGO.

According to two sources close to Paula, Robin is a COMPLETE EGOMANIC. The insider explained, "Robin always thought highly of himself, but ever since [his recent hit single] Blurred Lines, the man has taken it up to LEVEL 10."

So what do we mean when we say hes an EGOMANIC. The insider responded, "Robin has been openly cheating on Paula. He's not trying to be subtle about it, he's trying to f*ck anything walking."

We asked Paula's pal if the rumors about Paula and Robin having an "open relationship" were true. The insider replied, "I can't speak on whether they have brought women into their bedroom in the past. They may have. But they were NOT in an open relationship." The insider added, "They had a traditional marriage, based on monogamy, and Robin was NOT given the Green Light to act up the way that he did."

But there was ONE other thing, we're told that really BOTHERED Paula . . . it's that the woman that Robin was ALLEGEDLY targeting to CHEAT WITH . . . were CAUCASIAN. The insider explained, "How are you gonna have a beautiful Black wife and be caught with all these BLONDES. Is that what you want? Was chocolate good enough to make you Mr. R&B . . . but now that you're ON, you're doing your wife like Justin Timberlake did Janet [Jackson]. . . that's a lot to ask a Black woman to swallow."

The friend tells any talk of a reconciliation is UNLIKELY. Paula's pal tells exclusively, "She's done with him."

Paula and Robin have been married for 10 years, but have been dating for more than 20 years. They have one son together.