Back in October, my girlfriend and I adopted Walli, a year old Black Russian Terrier, rather than getting a dog from a breeder. Needless to say, Walli is as much of a part of our family as anyone. There are MILLIONS of great dogs that are waiting for a home and by voting for Walli, YOU CAN HELP!


Did you know that only 1 in 10 dogs born in the USA will find a furever home and that every 7-8 seconds a healthy, adoptable pet is PTS (put to sleep) in a US shelter (500+ per hour). These numbers hurt me to the core. The amazing Tennessee Death Row Dogs, a group that promotes & rescues dogs scheduled for euthanasia, is hosting a fundraiser that allows you to vote on the cutest puppy ever! Each vote is only $1 ($5 minimum)! TDRD's goal is to raise $10k. If half of you voted for  Walli, we could easily meet their goal & more! If you can't adopt, If you can't foster, If you can't make a significant donation...this is the perfect way for a small gesture to make a huge impact! What's $5 to a life? PLEASE VOTE! PLEASE REPOST! PLEASE SHARE!