Via WetPaint reports:

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino was shot multiple times during his mother Mary Scott’s funeral procession this past weekend and the alleged shooter, Benzino’s 36-year-old nephew, Gaia Scott, was arraigned in Plymouth District Court this past Monday. Gaia plead not guilty to armed assault with intent to murder, but claimed the shooting was in self defense — a claim that has Benzino deeply displeased.

“So the person that shot me got arraigned in court today and admitted to shooting me, smdh ain’t that something?” Benzino said in his response to the news, adding, “But throughout this whole ordeal, I’ve been a stand up guy, So make sure you read this carefully to understand what I’m saying, he said he shot me in self defense but I was unarmed and I got shot in the back. Now you tell me…… This whole situation is unbelievable and it’s a shame.”

In court, Gaia’s attorney, Jon Ciraulo, claimed “When the dust settles with respect to this case, it’s going to be abundantly clear that Mr. Scott, a licensed gun owner, was acting in self-defence and in defence of his family.”


It’s been said in a statement that “growing family tension” between Benzino and nephew Gaia — notably including money and the treatment of Benzino’s mom, Mary Scott — was behind the shooting.