From Complex:

Today, Justin Bieber really did wake up in a new Bugatti.

And it was all thanks to "Uncle Stunna" aka Birdman aka now this ruins my Like Father Like Son 2theory because it'd be more like Like Uncle LIke Nephew and that's a really silly name for an album. Maybe it's a good thing Bieber moved out of Calabasas because you know he'd be making plenty of noise with his new Bugatti baby.

So, now that Bieber got a new car from Stunna and since he's been in the studio with YMCMB's Austin Mahone and since it looks like Lil Wayne is teaching him to skateboard, is it safe to assume he's part of the family? Probably—that or Birdman really just likes taking care of the kids.

One thing is for sure and that's that you probably aren't having as great of a Monday morning as Biebz. Tough luck.