Last night was awesome. In an attempt to avoid Bonnaroo traffic, I drove straight up Murfreesboro rd (US 41) until I reached the area. However, after all that scenic driving, I realized the highway was not congested at all.

 When I arrived at The Roo, it had just finished raining. The ground was slightly damp and muddy but it could have been worst. It took me no time to set up my 6 person tent (ball). However it took me all night to put this grill together.


 I finally assembled 17 inch grill and it was time to cook these steaks and wings. A problem soon arose. I realized that I had no cooking utensils and quickly had to improvise. I then, crushed a Coors Light can until it became flat and used it as a spatula. Needless to say, the steaks came out perfect.


 By that time Pusha-T had just left the stage after a great performance from what I heard.


 Tonight I can't wait to see Kanye West, Janelle Monae, Danny Brown, Ice Cube and many more


 -Jones from the Roo





Roo Blog day 2:

So, yesterday was another amazing day at Bonnaroo. The forecast predicted rain but it held back besides the short lived, light mist. 



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Dana Distortion: Rolling Stone


First stop for me was Danny Brown Concert at "The Other Tent". Danny killed his performance and his DJ complimented his show with plenty of effects and fist pumps. 
Mason Jar Media:
After that, it was all about Janelle Monae. She hit the stage with the swag of James Brown and Prince combined. 
Mason Jar Media:
By the time I got to Kanye's show, the field was packed. There's was no   Where to stand within sight of Yeezus. I then, spotted an opening in the fence behind the handicap bleachers next Spicey Pie, to the right if the stage. I slipped through by showing my media wristband and gained better vision of Yay. Man, he "went in". Even if you weren't a big Kanye Fan, he performed enough classic and memorable songs to make you reminisce. I loved the way he went in his "Kanye Rants" in between songs. His dialogue made the show epic. As he expressed his thoughts and feelings, Kanye hyped the crowd the crowd and had thousands if people throwing up "The Roc". 
Mason Jar Media:
Immediately after Yay, it was time to hit "Which Stage" to check out Ice Cube. "Dough Boy" instantly got "Gangsta" on that a$$. Truthfully, I was tired by that point and I chose to listen to Cube from my tent which was directly in back of the stage.
While sleeping in my tent I was awakened to the super bass sounds of Skrillex turning up with Lauryn Hill, Mystikal and Fat Man Scoop. If I'm not mistaken, I think I heard Damien Marley chanting "Welcome to Jamrock"