Looks like French Montana will have some company on Bobby Shmurdah's "Hot N*****" remix.

According to Vibe, earlier this week DJ Folk announced on Twitter that Drake will also be on the remix.

"Drake hot nigga remix verse soon..you can count on it." he tweeted.

Folk has worked with Big K.R.I.T, Lil Wayne and more.

French Montana posted a snippet of his verse to Instagram with Shmurda in attendance.

Are you looking forward to a "Hot N****" remix?

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DJ Drama on Bobby Shmurda: 'He Reminds Me of Chicago

With a few vines of his popular 'Shmoney Dance,' going viral, Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda has caught the attention of many celebrities like Meek Mill, Kevin Durant, and most recently DJ Drama.

In an interview with Vibe, Drama shared his thoughts on the rising NY rapper.

"He reminds me of Chicago-ness," he said. "It's kinda wild watching New York artists who have aspects of other rappers from other places. It just shows you how the game comes full circle."

Bobby's video for "Hot N****" has garnered over a million views since Vines were posted of his 'Shmoney Dance' in June.

"The dance is hot... It's been a minute since New York had a dance. I watched a couple of the videos—I like what he's doing. I like his personality and his name, Shmurda."

What do you think of Bobby Shmurda?

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Bobby Shmurda doesn't plan to return to his old ways anytime soon.

The 20-year-old rap sensation sat down with the Village Voice to talk about his new record deal, the Shmoney Dance, and why he believes he's done with his criminal ways.

When asked if he's thrilled about his newfound fame, the rapper says he wants to stay humble.

"I do! I'm happy. I appreciate everything," he said. "I'm staying humble. I'm trying to stay humble. While growing up, everybody told me I should rap, this and that. Now, I'm really taking it seriously, working. It was kind of surprising but not surprising. I always felt I would make it."

He also explained his drug dealing past and why he wants to focus on music.

"I was never chilling with kids my age," he said. "I was chilling with older kids. In school, I was always bad. I was either in the suspension room or with the deans and them and they was talking to me all day. I was one of those kids. When I leave school, I was hanging with the older dudes. I was hard-headed. A lot of people tried to tell me to stay out of it but I wanted to do it myself. It was fun money. Like, I could go buy $100 of weed, shoes, without asking nobody.

Bobby included that the love he's received from fans has given him the motivation to work on better music.

"When I made $3000 off rap in a week doing shows. My fans show the love. I do it for the people. Last year, I ain't really care about it at first. I kept doing for the people because they said, "We need more songs." I be on the block and they be giving money, "Go to the studio. Go to the studio."

Source: blogs.villagevoice.com