Guess what? Dating rules change. What used to be the norm became “uncool” several decades later. Perhaps the digital age has not only influenced the way we interact with the opposite sëx during dates but may have gone as far as dictating the do’s and don’ts. So I dare say that we should bring back SOME of the old-school dating habits.

  1. Dressing nicely for the date. Oh cut it out! I’m not saying women should wear petticoats and that men should be wearing tall hats and sniffing snuff boxes. All I’m saying is that it IS nice to be presentable. Admit it or not, appearances count especially when you want to make an impression. Be well groomed, you know, like trimming your fingernails and making sure that your shirt is not stained with spaghetti sauce from the previous night’s dinner.
  2. Dancing that does not look like you’re trying to skin your partner alive with your hands and body. What’s happened to the version of today’s fun? Dancing nowadays are writhing bodies ready to have sëx right then and there on a grimy dance floor. The art of dancing as just plain fun has been lost.
  3. There’s no need to rush into sëx. Again, I’m blaming the digital age where we are accustomed to everything that is fast, quick, and convenient. This includes romantic relationships. So even if you feel like ravishing your date and throwing him onto the bed the same night you have your first date: chill. Anticipation can make sëx more fulfilling and intense.
  4. Let him open the doors for you. I know you are very capable in opening the car door for yourself, but it’s sweet when you let your guy do this for you. It also gives you a chance  to touch his arm lightly, smile, and say thank you.

Can you think of any other old fashioned dating habits you want to bring back?