From TMZ , Looks like Stacey Dash has a new man to go with her new job -- and he's more than 20 years her junior'!

The former "Clueless" star  was spotted going for a run earlier today with a much younger guy, and we're told the chiseled chap is the actress' latest boyfriend.

Sources tell that Dash, 47, and actor/model Michael Evers, 25, have been out on a couple dates so far, including one at the Sunset Tower Hotel earlier this week. 

Evers is only a couple years older than Dash's oldest son, Austin, who turns 23 in October. The pretty boy was also linked to "Mob Wives Chicago" star Nora Schweihs back in 2012, when she was 48 and he was 23. Yep, he's got a thing for mature women!

It's clear the two have at least fitness in common, as they both showed off their shredded stomachs while going for a hike near Fryman Canyon in Los Angeles on Friday.