The National Football League is trying to save face again. From allegations of bullying in locker rooms to aspiring professional athletes’ ‘coming out’ about their sexuality and now the NFL’s planned 15 yard penalty rule for players’ use of The N Word; the NFL looks as if it’ trying change its culture. But the league is overreacting with this proposed N Word rule and the message is twisted.

         This rule isn’t official yet, but it’s set to be voted on by NFL owners. If passed, the term ‘nigga’ said during the game by a player, would be a 15 yard penalty. That’s right. Picture Ed Hochuli saying, “unsportsmanlike conduct. Offense. Number 12. Usage of the N word. By rule, it is a 15 yard penalty. First Down…” My question is; so what is the NFL really saying? And who are they really saying it to?


       Look, I get it. In the wake of Miami Dolphins locker room fiasco and the report that followed, the league is making a push to ‘better their work environment.’ The report detailed verbal abuse among players, that’s actually pretty common in some locker rooms whether it’s pro, college or high school.