Uber is getting boycotted, so they snitching and trying to take other companies with them!

People are upset! 

And they have all rights to be after Donald Trump's Ban of Muslims entering the country. But it seems as if Uber is getting the worst out the deal..

#DeleteUber has been a very popular hashtag going around and at first I had no idea what was going on , but I come to find out Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick was named to a panel of economic advisors to Trump. 

So this is actually a Trump protest. People are protesting anyone who supports Trump.

The funny thing is nobody was going Uber is not going down without a fight, or should I say without bringing some other companies down with them.

Uber put out a statement but then snitched on other companies look at the post below they said they agreed on early December to join President Trump's economic advisory board along with Tesla, General Motors, IBM and plenty more...

My question is, are people gonna boycott Kanye and Yeezy's cause he supports Trump too...but hey look how Uber snitched! 

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