What you may not have known...

Ok lets assume you know a lot about a lot...and even more about "Black Folk" in this country and our history...ok now lets assume there are some things you missed...No worries I GOT YOU 

(in no particular order)

N U M B E R . 5

You remember civil right SUPER activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?1 and his FAMOUS "I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH" ...Well yea... the "dream" part wasnt even supposed to be apart of the speech.That part was basically a freestyle... Its said that Mahlia Jackson who stood near him kept yelling "tell em about the dream.." dont know if he heard her.. but what is now known as ONE OF THEE MOST FAMOUS SPEECHES EVER... almost never was

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So you know about the slaves right ?! You know the ones that were stolen..beaten ..raped and forced to live in this country we call "United".. Ok so what you may not know is.. out of 12 million of them..less 400,000 survived... 

N U M B E R . 3

Sooo cowboys...the wild west ... you know about that right?! You know about a very popular "Lone Ranger" cowboy right ?! Ok so he was BLACK the character was based of Bass Reeves..but thats another blog.1 out of every 4 cowboys were BLACK. This was largely due to the fact that slaves sought freedom out west..  

N U M B E R . 2

And surely youve seen the movie "Jungle Fever" by Spike Lee...right ?! about interracial dating ?! no....GO SEE IT NOW (should be on Netflix or something).. Well listen our great country (insert sarcasm) made it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT  for you to love who you wanted..as a matter of fact.. interracial marriage was BANNED in 1664 and wasnt overturned until 303 years later WTF

N U M B E R .1

Rosa Parks ... probably one of the most memorial activist in American history by simply ...sitting down..you know this much...buuuut what you proably dont know is ...she wasnt the FIRST..NOPE..a 15 year old girl was one of MANY before Rosa by the name of Claudette..She had been studying the greats like Ms truth and Ms Tubman.. so when her moment arrived 9 months BEFORE Rosa's moment..she took advantage ..Civil Rights leaders went with Rosa for the movement because she was a better "look"

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