Take a bite from the NEW NORTH NASHVILLE

Ok so I know I'm late but... THIS IS THE Slim & Husky's Pizza Beeria REVIEW

FIRST OFF THE PIZZA IS GREAT (because it's what you make it)SECONDLY... the building is placed perfectly.. its in a new to be gentrified area being off Rosa Parks... So there's a remnant of what use to be & the building caters to both... You walk in to a greeter that has the tone of a chick fil a employee but the presence of a veteran wal mart greeter... I quickly noticed how everything was kept clean & neat .. this could be easily contributed to its new born presence but clean & white nonetheless...The pizzeria puts you in the mind of our millennial mindset of "have it your way".. not to discredit "Pie 5" or any the emulate... but "Slim & Huskey" its in a league of its own ... I'm basic when it comes to Pizza but if you can't satisfy the basics then you don't deserve anything more At a total of $14 odd dollars you get 8 pieces of heaven that you made... worth every dollar Oh and let's not forget about the super cool staff apparel...

ALLnALL FOR NOW ... SnH is a B+

I truly hope they can help set a new trend of black owned restaurants in this city and become a true staple....

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