We all believe in BALL... or at least we will soon

The goal in sports is to never really be as good as... its to be better then...and thats EXACTLY the mentality LaVar Ball has when it comes to his sons. In a interview with THE HEARD he speaks on his comments about his son being BETTER then Steph. He wants to reach Jordan !! 

Isnt this the mentality we're all supposed to have?! Better than the rest... better than the BEST. Ive heard a few say he's a LOUD MOUTH and he's getting in his sons way of success...Ok so if he is to move out the way..whos to take his place?! big corporation who only cares about the players relevance and revenue ?! NAH...enter a strong SMART black father who has branded his sons before big companies can get their hands on hi...ENTER LAVAR BALL possible ushering in a new era of basketball