Broadway to get a 430 Million Dollar Facelift

There's a space... a void soon to be a building that will host the Tennessee State Museum as its resident. A space on Rosa L Parks & Jefferson... down the street form this space you will find 2 of the best Historically Black Universities ever. Thee Tennessee State University & Fisk Univeristy. This same spot was one a tentative spot for The National African American Music Museum... and rightfully so as it would've sat down the street form 2 prestigious African American Colleges..

Now this museum will sit as a PART of a massive facelift project happening in downtown Nashville. Lower Broadway to be exact . $430 million dollars for this massive project just got its 1st nod of approval... 

Couldn't really tell you if this is a step up or back.. however i could voice that I think it looks better surrounding by this cities Black History.