Timothy Batts Jurors Are HUNG


August 8TH 2016 will be a day that Timothy Batts would never forget. This would be the day his 11 year old daughter Timea would die at his hands. 

Its a a Monday afternoon and Tim is getting some rest before his kids come home, only to be woken up by a unfamiliar sound that warrants him to grab his gun. After repeatedly asking if there was anybody in the house, he presses forward..see's a shadow and shoots. Soon to realize that was his own daughter. He panics..grabs his lil girl and rushes her to the hospital where she dies.

One would suggest his lifestyle was the cause of his paranoia, but if it had not been for the camera (video seen below of moments right after the shooting) in his house this could've been a very different out come.

As of today..after a 3 day trial Tim was found NOT GUILTY of attempted tampering however was FOUND GUILTY of felon in possession of a weapon and the jury was HUNG on the reckless homicide charge.

This man has to live with this burden for the rest of his life...some would say he belongs in jail for what he did. I would argue that the death of his daughter at his hands is punishment enough.

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