New App Makes "One Night Stands" Legal



Imagine you're out... having a good time..drinks are flowing and you are feeling yourself. You make eye contact with that person that hasnt looked at you all night, but instead of making things creepy or weird... There's a connection..this connection leads to maybe a few more drinks or atl least some decent conversation then BOOM

They pull out an app to ask for LEGAL CONSENT to have sex with you. 

Thats exactly what  LEGAL FLING is about. Documenting sexual encounters.. Now while this seems like a GREAT idea with TLs flooding with reports of harassment & forced sexual situations there may be some major CONS.

There is an option to REVOKE your contract if you decide not to go through with the fling but in a world of "false allegations" this could further push those not-so-true situations 

EX: Things are about to get "hot and heavy" .. you go to the bathroom to get more comfy and BOOM REVOKED...but that person still decides to go through with it .. Now the accuser has LEGAL DOCUMENTS supporting otherwise..

Only time will tel how this plays out.. Hopefully more food then bad

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