NASHVILLE: #28DaysOfBlackLUVChallenge **UPDATE**

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If you want to participate in this challenge simply..

Do the same


Make the flyer that is posted on my IG (@JoeOnTheGram) your profile pic 


Buy 10 items from a black owned business Sound easy right ?! GOOD CUZ it IS..

I will be posting compilation videos of my happenings but follow me on Snapchat (FindJoeMajor) for daily updates

So here's what's been happening...

Just in case you thought this was a game. #28DaysOfBlackLuv is REAL Successfuly Invaded @tsutigers campus Who’s knows where I’ll be next #FindJoeMajor #28DaysOfBlackLUVChallenge

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Day 4&5 of #blackpeoplegave me series. Sorry I missed yesterday. #blackartist #blackhistory #blackluv #28daysofblackluv #humanity

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#28DaysOfBlackLuv y'all stop down Harolds Chicken Nashville dem gizzards be fye! "Instagram" 😂😂 @joeonthegram #BuyBlack ✊🏾

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Much love and appreciation out to my @onedropink family! We shut the shop down and rolled into the premiere in styleeeeeeeeee. One Drop Ink Reppin for the 99 & 2000! @onedrop.ange @pixxillatted @olskoolmike @tbone_brown @bosslady4206 @jrabbit615 #nashville #blackpanthermovie #blackpantherpremiere #blackantiquity #28daysofblackluv @wildmansmoothies615 is somewhere around and so is @carmil_nicole whom I also consider Family as they always help and support the cause! #fortheculture #blackart

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[Tag a black-owned business in your area!] I recently sat down with @yelp to talk about what being a black-owned business means to me. (Swipe left to see my response!) Be sure to check out their latest blog post to see how you can find black-owned businesses in your area to support not only during #BlackHistoryMonth, but all year long. #FollowTheJoy #TCC #Nashville #Nola #Cupcakecollection #blackowned #28daysofblackluv #thecupcakecollection #neworleans

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It was an honor to sit in on an interview with the legendary Uncle Luke (Luther Campbell), thank you Rochell. Very sharp brother and makes no apologies for being Black or supporting Black owned businesses. Look for the article in next week’s edition of the Westside Gazette. #28daysofblackluv

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It was a pleasure to meet Akilah Walker by Kenhide Wiley. She was such an inspiration to an artist like me! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. @kehindewiley #artiststofollow #28daysofblacklove #28daysofblackluv #DAY2 #birthdaymonth #blackart #blackartists #supportyourown #kenhidewiley

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