Black Woman Makes History..AGAIN

Melissa Harville-Lebron Owner of E2 Motorsports & Sons (Pic via Facebook)

NASCAR is one of Americas fastest sports...literally. So its wonder why in the year of two thousand & eighteen we're STILL SAYING "The 1st Black.." but here we are... AGAIN..

This time its little Black Girl Magic that has been sprinkled over the speedways. Melissa Harville-Lebron started her journey in the entertainment industry but after some health issues see sought other outlets. So a trip to a Nascar race in hopes of DETERRING her sons from wanting to race buuuuut that didnt work. IT drove them... LITERALLY into a path that would lead her to becoming the 1ST BLACK WOMAN NASCAR APPROVED OWNER. 

“It’s important for our culture to push generational wealth to our children. It’s important to lead by example. All too often our children see negative images of our culture and I think it’s very important for people of our culture actually succeeding in business,” -Melissa Harville-Lebron via

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