LaChat Diss Cardi B | Clout Chase or Valid Point?

Ok So I was listening to MY TL's favorite Cardi B songs from her album "Invasion Of Privacy" and I kept seeing "Bickenhead" so i decided to check it out. Me already having knowledge of the orginal 36 Mafia  hit "Chickenhead"  I went to see if this was a Evolution of the song or just another few verses on a classic record disguised as something new...So I listened on..

After a rough 20 seconds end I wanted to stop becuase what I hear sounded more like a reference track then a classic song being remade for the new generation. Now I guess I respect Cardi "climb to the top" but too many TOP artist are getting away with biting classic records without doing them justice or "paying homage" .. ESPECIALLY those who chose to "borrow" from Memphis. A city that is OFTEN overlooked when it comes to sounds of southern hip hop. 

So we have to look at what "paying homage" means on a track. To me an artist can do this a few was

1) Feature the orginal artist(s) on the new track

2) Mention the orginal artist name in a verse or 2 on the new track

3) Almost immediately when the new track drops... let your fans know who were inspired by

Cardi has done none of this... which brings be to my next point

ENTER LACHAT...36 MEMBER & current Cardi B disser. Now one could say that Cardi may have had Chat in mind or "came from a good place" but how long are these going to be excuses ?1 Where is the preventative measures ?! and OF COURSE Cardi may not respond because of her position but if this grows bigger what will she say ? What can she to not make herself look bad.. !?

All and all if this "diss" doesnt make it past this post. You cant help but to appreciate the way La'Chat is "paying homage" to all members of 36 dead and alive. #WhoRunIT

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