When Janet Jackson Called Dolewite Answered

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Attention...it’s time to #DANCEWITHJANET ❤️

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Here's Dolewite's audtion video.. What do you all think ?! 

#DANCEWITHJANET @janetjackson

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LMBO ok so that really isn't Dole but feel free to enjoy some of of the other talented people who post video auditions right here in Nashville

#dancewithjanet PLEASE SHARE IT YAL

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You may think I’m crazy but I’m serious 🎶🎶🎶 #PrincipleofPleasure #DanceWithJanet @janetjackson P.s. I just realize the whole video wasn’t on my last post! Soooo part 2!! #Nashvile #Dancers #Arebel #DancewithJanet help us tag! 💋 @a.rebel__ 🎥 @tadiko_vdo

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Hey everyone! This is to all my BOSS ladies out there. We salute✊ If I get 1000 views - I will drop my solo 🤗 Dancers: @direct2ky @iamteethecreative Song: I Do @iamcardib @sza Wardrobe: @iamthelist Videography: @dalvinodenson Tag YOUR BESTIE 😁 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC

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