1 Year Later; Andrew Delke Indicted

A Year ago almost to the date a young black man by the name of Daniel Hambrick was fatally shot in the North/Downtown area of Nashville . The city was riddled with protests; petitions & other things reflecting the emotions behind this unjust murder. Officer Andrew Delke is the man responsible for "Dan Dan's" death has now found himself face 1st Degree murder charges.



Imagine waking up from a nap getting ready for your night and you hear what you THINK are firecrackers left over from the forth only to find out that they were several gun shots riddled into the back of human being. 

Well in this case there is no IMAGINING... this is what happened on Thursday night in the neighborhood of J Henry Hale Apts formally known as "Jo Johnson" . 

See I didnt think nothing of the "shots" because its usually a mild mannered neighborhood with kids running about.. tourist site seeing.. & new colonizer neighbors  jogging with their dogs.

I come outside to holler at a friend who was in the neighborhood when I heard it ... so when I finally looked up from the conversation i was having... i noticed everybody that lived in my general area was outside with worry. Then come the sirens of more than 4 police cars racing to the corner of Jo Johnson & 17th. I was told by a kid that lives close to me that there was someone live streaming what was going on so I took it upon myself to look at @DezzyS0lid (IG) video . The video in its entirety was about an hour long but I got the young man to send me 60 secs of it 

So I decided to ask one of my neighbors what was going on and she said the poilce was chasing the man right behind my house and as he escaped on the other side of the house thats when back up was called. She saw the man gaining space on the poilce and this is why WE think they shot him. 

We've heard this before .. seen this before.. even in this city with Jocques Clemmons 

The community is and has BEEN calling for POLICE OVERSIGHT NOW

Below you can see Daniel Hambrick being cuffed after being shot in the back several times

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