A List Of The Most Memorable Crackheads In Movies


Recently Pulitzer Prize & Grammy winning hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar made his acting debut recently playing the role of a "crackhead" on the Starz hit series "Power". Kendrick does not disappoint he is both funny and intriguing in this role to say the least. 

"Laces" can be added to the list of KDot alter egos and to the list of memorable "fiends" in black cinema

Heres a few more we can NOT forget

"Ezell" maybe one of the most memorable characters of the 90s. In Ice Cubes "Friday" with lines such as "Smokie back here taking a sht.." to his supposed lawsuit that would have no case in a court of law 

Ezell takes the cake (probably literally)

Also from Ice Cubes MEGA MOVIE "Friday" Felicia makes this list with one phrase

"Bye Felicia"

Now you may not be old enough to remember "Pookie" from "New Jack City" starring "Nino" aka Wesley Snipes and a host of other stars. 

"Pookie" is what we call a informative crackhead aka SNITCH.. & was employed to do so to help take down the illegal operations of "Nino" & nem

And then theres "Anton Jackson" whos show within a show on "In Living Color" made him one of the more disgusting yet little known Wayans characters

I mean... we didnt really wanna know what was inside that pickle juice jar

How did you like my list...

Did I miss anybody.? If so comment below

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