TSU's Christion Abercrombie Remains In Critical Condition

This past Saturday the TSU Tigers took on the Vanderbilt Commodores! Which they almost pulled out the upset and beat the Commodores. 

During the game, 20-year-old sophomore linebacker, Christion Abercrombie was injured during a routine play. Christion Abercrombie was able to make his way off the field and then while he was on the sideline he had told the trainers he was having a headache and collapsed soon after that.

The EMT's then took over and rushed Abercrombie to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and underwent emergency surgery. After the game, TSU sent out an update on the condition of Abercrombie.

Christion's family spoke to the media on Sunday and said, “Christion is resting. He’s fighting, and we’re trusting God and please continue to pray.” So that's what we've been doing is praying for this young man. Even celebrities and coaches from other teams have lent their support for Christion.

When asked about the play, Coach Reed said on his radio show, “He was taking on a block and it wasn’t anything malicious or dirty or anything like that. Just an unfortunate situation.”

Tomorrow night, a prayer vigil is scheduled for Abercrombie at 9pm in the student center lead by Dean of Students Frank Stevenson. 

We will keep you updated with Christion's progress and we're all praying for you and a speedy recovery.

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