TSU Student Records Herself Poisoning Her Roommate

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Last year Ms @Ereinsysmmone was going through possible the WORST possible experience you could have with a roommate. Her former dorm occupant Tierni Williams recorded herself swamping out bottled water for toilet water and according to Symmone this was the only devilish based incident. 

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#swipeleft⬅️ smh this is so hard to post but here it is. A year ago today , I fully met every college students worst nightmare. After months of living with the devil in human form as a roommate I discovered not only was this malicious person: secretly recording me while I was sleeping, changing my clothes and on the phone she also uploaded everything to Snapchat. The crazy thing is that’s not even the worst part!!!!!! This satanic being had also been poisoning me as I suspected all along. For weeks I was terribly sick having extreme bowl movements and vomiting at the same time, not knowing that my water bottles had been contaminated with toilet water. As a result not only did I lose weight and my sanity, because of a physical altercation that happened after my findings, I lost my dormitory housing too. Today this girl still goes to Tennessee State University and everybody needs to be informed. I WAS NOT THE FIRST PERSON SHES DONE THIS TOO!!! She has manipulated and used foul play on roommates before me and mine was just the only one VIDEO confirmed. College students... if you do not personally know your roommate LOCK EVERYTHING UP!!! The “never leave your drink” does not only apply to alcohol but also regular beverages too and is not limited to the bar but also in any public space. Ladies, there is already so much hate in this world for us the very least we could do is build each other up and not break one another down. Let’s work on supporting and building each other up instead of destroying one another.

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