Two Protestors Arrested At Marsha Blackburn Rally In Nashville

Photo: Jeneisha Harris

On Sunday, Jeneisha Harris and Justin Jones were arrested after protesting at Marsha Blackburn's Get Out the Vote Rally in Nashville. 

Both activists were later released with citations. 

Candice G. Dawkins, Communications Director for the Tennessee Republican Party, issued the following summary of the events at the Get Out the Vote Rally -- 

"The Tennessee Republican Party hosted a Get Out the Vote Rally for Marsha Blackburn with special guest U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham. Several protesters attended, including some who were immediately recognized as regular protesters at other Republican events. Once recognized, the protesters were asked to leave by event security, they declined and were allowed to stay. When the program started, protesters began to yell and disrupt the program, including during a moment of silence for the victims in Pittsburgh. Disrupting protesters were then asked to leave and when they refused, were escorted out by police and event staff."

Below are the videos from Sundays event: 

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