RANKED: Where Does T-Pain Fit On Your Top 20 Hip-Hop Artist Alive List?

We professed our love for a stripper; after being Sprung before we were Chopped & Screwed all because of a man they call "Teddy Pain" bka "T-Pain" . A man.. a artist who took Zap & Roger's infamous voice box to another level without disrespecting the legends. From street anthems to pop hits. T-Pain has proven himself to be legendary...

So why is it that when people are making their "lists" is rarely ever mentioned?Especially when it comes to hip-hop? Most folks will limit the genre to rap & hip hop is more then that. Rappers a PIECE of the pie.. Djs..Dancers... Singers are included when you mention the area of music so why isnt Teddy's agility noted and respected as such.

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