NASHVILLE: New Vintage Based Retail Store Gives You All The Throwback Feels

Usually when you want to buy something that reminds you of your past you look at pics of your ex and WHALAH money spent on sentimental things you dont need. Well its not need for those emotional ties anymore...

Music City VTG is a new vintage based retail store that has opened up in the heart of hipster town aka East Nashville. Seemingly proper placed location this store will remind you of everything that you have forgotten that was good about the 90s and early 2000s. From old Preds jerseys to Jordan cut outs to even a vintage game console.

Meet Owners Justin & Treas

Justin & Treas started off as collectors until their collection became bigger then their closet space why not share their wealth with the world right ? I had the opportunity of talking to them about their finds and store front CLICK HERE

I ALSO had the honor of trading and buying a pair of Yeezys. 100% authentic and in great condition.

My purchase

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