Lets Debate: Did Robert Downy Jr Do "Blackface" ?!

Ok so in 2008 the quirky yet SMART comedy "Tropic Thunder" featured now Iron Man (RIP) MCU ROCKSTAR Robert Downey Jr . His charater called for him to play a misguided yet HILARIOUS "Black Man". 2008 was a much simpler time..less sensitive but with that being said enter 2019 as we take a glance back... was RDJ offensive in his role ?!

BLACKFACE in short was makeup worn by white people a while ago that mocked African Americans

and recently high fashion brand Gucci got involved

So when Robert Downey puts it on why is it not considered the same?! Is it its comedic undertones?? Much like Shawn & Marlon in "White Chicks" ??

Let me know what you think in the comments

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