My 4DX Experience: Dark Phoenix & Endgame

So thanks Ryan Smith I experienced one of the GREATEST super hero films ever in 4DX. Avengers:Endgame was a climax to a 11 year run from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). This film was a massive comma in this grand sentence. "Endgame" took you on a emotional roller coaster & the physical aspect of the 4DX experience matched this wild ride. With everything from bursts of wind.. mist even a jolt or 3 of the seats when Thanos would overpower earths mightiest heros.

4DX is like no other , its about as close as you're going to get to being in the actual movie!! The only negative thing to be said about it is that if you are a grown individual that is considered wider then average then you might experience a bit of discomfort oh and if youre above average height as well.. but a good leg stretch or 2 could cure that.


My "Dark Phoenix" 4DX experience was slightly different; another Marvel movie (not of the MCU). With the recent acquisition of FOX, Marvel/Disney will look to rebrand the tarnished name of "X-Men" on the big screen. In the comics the Dark Phoenix saga was one of the biggest events in comic history.. in the movies not so much. Not to say they didnt try; this last film was grittier and seem to want to rival its MCU counterpart but merely whimpered out to an end of an era.

4DX was there to save the day. Unlike "Endgame" this Marvel climax was only 2hrs (barely) so the discomfort didnt really have a chance to set in. Also w/ Endgame I didnt realize there was an "off" button for the indoor precipitation but this time I was more aware; although I didnt take advantage of it because i wanted the full exp. It's something you should make note of when you go.

All and all if you're going with an action...GO 4DX OR DON'T GO ATALL


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