Illinois Becomes State #11 To Free Weed; Bill Lee WYD ?!

WEEEEED... one the hottest topics of our time. It's our "Prohibition Era". One might go on a limb and say that if you are hoping to snag a Govt position you might wanna make freeing weed a main point in your platform. "Mary Jane"; "Indoe"; "Refer" whatever alias you know it by you know that its nowhere near as scary as D.A.R.E. once suggested. This is why it being slowly but surely introduced to our society (legally).

Illinois makes the 11th state to make weed ready for recreational usage & given Colorados Billion dollar economy spike Im sure other states will follow, but what does this mean for the people locked up as a result? Well "The Prairie State" is expunging records of those who have been in trouble because of MJ .

"the governor and the bill’s sponsors are emphasizing the social equity components of the comprehensive measure, which will automatically expunge the records of those with arrests for possessions 30 grams of marijuana and will also help minority communities become involved in the business." READ MORE HERE

Which is GOOD but not great. Big companies will capitalize off what the Black &Brown communities have suffered from. What will other states do to "makes things right" ?! Bill Lee your capitol is growing but the natives are angry which makes places your new structures on less then solid foundations. Legalizing weed wont fully right your wrongs but it would be a good start...

All I know is my hometown of Chicago may not bad bad place to bring in the New Year.. lol,

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