HBCU Mental Health College Tour - TSU

"On October 10th, the definitive podcast for all thing black mental health will launch its first ever HBCU Mental Health College Tour. Kicking off at Tennessee State University, this tour plans to impact thousands of college students across the country while destigmatizing mental health within communities of color.

“We know that Black Americans are 10% more likely to report having serious psychological distress,” said Sasha Nicole, founder and co-host of Amerikan Therapy. “This percentage is far too low and something must be done to reverse the stigma of mental health in our communities; and we are doing just that with this tour.”

The founders of the HBCU Mental Health College Tour are Sasha Nicole and Starr Barbour, two HBCU graduates and co-hosts of Amerikan Therapy, a podcast solely focused on mental health and elevating the voices of young Black Americans. The tour will provide college students with actionable advice and safe environment to dialogue with mental health professionals."