Dear Black People, "Uncle Tom" Is Not Who We Think He Was !!

I was yesterday years old when I found out that the term "Uncle Tom" meant STRENGTH.. perseverance.. RESILIENCE & a few more positive things. See in the Black community the term basically meant "sell out" a person who's purpose is to get as close to white people as they possibly can EVEN at the risk of their own people. Well just like most of my people I have used that term when describing "skin folk" that aint "kin folk" but NO MORE & HERE ARE 5 REASONS WHY

1) Uncle Tom was a man who refused to beat black women.

2) Uncle Tom was a man who refused to tell on other slaves.

3) Uncle tom was a man who would put cotton in other slaves’ bags at night, so that they wouldn’t get beat!

4) Uncle Tom was a man who helped 100 slaves get free long before the underground railroad.

5) Uncle Tom was a man, that once free, established the 1st Laborers school for other fugitive slaves!

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Uncle Tom's name is Josiah Henson


"SAMBO" Was the one who would do anything for his "Massa" and from this point on this is what ill be calling folks who like to "shuck and jive" for approval


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