5 Reasons Why Black History Month Should Be Moved To June

Now before we get started I want to say that I am in NO way trying to disrespect the efforts Carter G Woodson or anybody that helped orchestrate Black History Month. I appreciate and LOVE my elders for everything that they have done.

BHM started in 1926 as a week, "Negro History Week" to be exact. Fast Forward to 1976 where it became a month long celebration to coincide with Abe Lincoln & Frederick Douglass birthdays. From my research those are the only reasons why this month was chosen for this celebration. Well it seems like its time for a change & Ill give you 5 reason why


February is the shortest month of the year.. (including leap year) Black folks have surely contributed more than 28 days worth of work to this country and beyond. Before you "Im BlAcK All YeAr" folk come knocking down my door i need not remind you we're talking about focusing our energy to highlight something that is as ASTONISHING as Black Excellence so while we may mention it all year long, putting emphasis on it during a month helps create that 365 momentum.


Black Folks LOVE the HEAT (for the most part) most of us even believe that we cant get sunburned (insert cringe face emoji; although the Sun does not treat us as harsh). With cookouts.. concerts, family reunions, fresh breakups, other outdoor events & the beginning of Summer, June would be the PERFECT month to remind people of how BLACK & EXCELLENT we can be. Also warmer weather means more money being spent so why not that focus on Black Owned Businesses.


Pres. Jimmy Carter in 1979 declared June "Black Music Month" , a GLARING part of our history. Black Music continues to influence & inspire people from all over the world. Since this aspect of this month is often overlooked why not push all Black music festivals around it to that month which would shed more light not only on the festivals themselves but proposed dual meaning of said month.


Unfortunately society has chosen to put more emphasis on Valentines Day than BHM, not to say that there aren't ANY Black Folk still holding the month down its just that love has no color so the day becomes more marketable (BIG s/o to Target btw).June has NONE that rivals Valentines Day so we can better focus on the task at hand.


Last but CERTAINLY not LEAST... "Juneteenth"!! Now this is a HOLIDAY that not should not only rival the social relevance of V-Day but should be recognized as a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. "Juneteenth" is a day recognized as a day that the slaves were told about their freedom almost 100 years AFTER the Emancipation Proclamation !! With the proposed of moving BHM to June this has an opportunity to shed light on such a day.

Change is inevitable & can often be good. This is one of those things that IF it happens could not only shed light on such a prestigious month socially but from a educational standpoint it allows us to merge the efforts of our forefathers with our own to elevate the month to new heights. This is just my opinion though.. What say you ?!

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