Earlier this week on ABC's "Queen" starring Brandy & other familiar artists dropped a episode where Brandy talked about Black Nashville or lack thereof

now yes we know it's "just a show" but the words are T just some words, they are words that every almost Black Nashvillian has had to endure when someone new enters the city. Words & sentiment that at one point in time I shared until I actually got down here and OPENED MY EYES.

Not only is Black Nashville present but thanks to folks like "Cristina" (AGT), "Bre", Eric of Lovenoise, Brian Sexton, DLISHA Davis, TIM Gent, Gideons Army, TSU, FISK, MEHARRY, Slim & Huskies Black Nashville has a face and voice.

The writers of shows like this should be more careful when spewing words that directly combat the efforts of those helping the "other side" of Nashville be what it is

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