Young Thug's Hilarious Reaction To Being Called Future Will Make Your Day

Photo: Getty Images

It's not rare for celebrities to be confused for other stars from time to time . But for certain celebs, it's pretty offensive to be called another person's name --- that was the case for Young Thug as he hit up Lenox Mall in Atlanta earlier this week. While shopping, he was approached by a man trying to film the shopping spree with his phone. Thugga didn't seem to mind being filmed, until the man attempted to dap up the "Slime" rapper while calling him Future.

An unamused Young Thug immediately yanked his hand away from the fan before giving him a death stare, making for a hilariously awkward viral moment.

Thug isn't the only star that has been (intentionally) mistaken for another celeb, just for clout. A$AP Rocky had a similar reaction to being called Travis Scott back in 2019. As he made his way into Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala that year, while being greeted by a crowd of fans, someone yelled out Travis Scott's name. Rocky looked around to see who the culprit was, giving the fan a similar look as Thug did his Lenox mall troll.

Just last year, Jason Derulo had a similar incident after two fans allegedly mistook him for Usher at a Las Vegas hotel. However, the "Wiggle" rapper's response wasn't as subtle as Thug's and Rocky's. He reportedly punched one of the guys in the face, while slapping the other guy moments later before security stepped in to break it up.

Jason ultimately ended up with a trespassing notice from ARIA Hotel and was removed from the property. Fortunately for Thugga, he kept his cool.

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