This Is The Best Sub Shop In Tennessee

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Sandwiches are the perfect meal for someone on-the-go, a customizable food that will ensure you will have the exact bite you want. Fortunately with the number of sandwich shops around the country, you're never too far from an incredible sandwich.

LoveFood compiled a list of the best sub shop in each state, including this spot in Tennessee. According to the site:

"Held together by a submarine-shaped roll, usually perfectly balanced between fluffy, chewy and crispy, and typically served stuffed to bursting, variations can be found across the US. From classic Italian-style subs with meatballs or layers of charcuterie and cheese to a Vietnamese bánh mì, these are the best places to eat a sub sandwich in every state."

So which sub shop was named the best in Tennessee?

Ms. B's Sub Shop

Ms. B's Sub Shop may be one of Memphis's newer restaurants, but The Sandwich Lady has already made her mark and become one of the best places around to pick up a delicious sub sandwich, like the classic Turkey, Pastrami and Veggie sandwiches, among others.

Ms. B's Sub Shop is located at 1256 Getwell Road in Memphis.

Here's what LoveFood had to say:

"Ms. B's Sub Shop isn't just the best sub sandwich in Memphis, or even Tennessee. It's the best anywhere. At least, that's what some fans of this stripped-back joint reckon. The counter-serve store may be no frills but the sandwiches are something else, stuffed full with sliced meats, cheese, crispy salad and delicious house-made dressings. Toasting the inside of the rolls adds extra flavor and crunch, too. There's a great range of fillings to choose from, too, and the atmosphere is famed for being warm and friendly."

Check out LoveFood's full list to see the best sub shops in the country.

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