Nashville Man Eating McDonald's Every Day For 100 Days To Lose Weight

Photo: Getty Images

You've likely been told your entire life that eating too much fast food isn't good for your health and can lead to obesity. One man in Nashville, however, claims that he has actually lost weight eating meals from one of the most popular fast food chains in the world every single day.

Kevin Maginnis has been documenting his journey of only eating McDonald's every day for 100 days on his TikTok, @bigmaccoaching, to prove that you can eat fast food and still lose weight, per People. However, there is a catch. Rather than eating all of what he orders at a time, he portions it to eat half now and half later.

"I'm going to eat nothing but McDonald's for the next 100 days, but instead of eating everything they give me, I'm going to go ahead and cut the meals in half just to prove to myself and maybe some of the other people watching that it's not as much what you're eating, it's the quantity that we're eating that really jacks us up," he said in a video at the start of his journey.

During an appearance on the Today Show on Thursday (March 2), Maginnis said his plan is "absolutely working." He started out at a weight of 238 pounds and in just two weeks, he has lost 16 pounds, according to his log on Day 14 on Monday (March 6).

When asked what doctors think of his plan, he said he has spoken to doctors like cardiologists who either love or they hate it. Maginnis, however, is confident in his plan, believing he will be able to lost 50 pounds by the time the 100 days is complete.

"My health will be better. My blood work will be better," he said. "And if you don't believe me, follow along. Let's find out."

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