Rick Ross' Neighbor Complains After Rapper's Buffaloes Invaded Her Property

Rick Ross

Photo: Getty Images

Rick Ross is having trouble keeping his buffaloes in check, and his neighbor is not having it.

On Sunday, March 19, TMZ shared the plight of a woman who's completely had with the rapper's animals. The unnamed landowner, who lives on the property behind Rozay's home in Fayetteville, Ga, said his animals showed up on her property twice in one week. She said she discovered the animals in her front yard after she got home from work. In video the outlet obtained, several people are seen trying to lead two buffaloes and a black steer away the property.

She even submitted photos of the animals grazing by her driveway near parked cars. The woman said she's worried about her young children, who usually play in the front yard. She said she even tried to confront Ross about his buffaloes, but hasn't been able to reach him personally. The landowner said she got into a verbal dispute with someone from Ross' team the last time she went to his property.

The woman also tried to call the police, but they wouldn't take a report because they deemed the situation to be a civil dispute. Not only are the animals a nuisance, but they've also reportedly caused light damage to her land. The sole evidence she provided were alleged footprints on the property. Her next step is to file an official compliant with the city.

Ross received the buffaloes as a gift last year. He was proud to add the animals to his growing farm, which also includes steers, four horses and a bull. The rapper was contacted for comment, but hasn't responded yet.

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